Message from the Director

Makoto Fujiki DVM, PhD

Kagoshima University's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine acts on the principles of contributing to the community and meeting international standards, and these governing principles also apply to our work at KUVTH. Our fundamental objectives are to serve the local community as an animal hospital, and to educate the next generation of veterinarians to global standards.

We contribute to the community by providing veterinary medical care.

We are committed to providing exceptional veterinary care to meet the needs of our clients and local veterinarians. As a referral hospital, we believe our main responsibilities are responding to such local community needs and providing care and facilities as a trail-blazing medical center meeting the need for high-level medical care. One of our distinctive features as a veterinary hospital is the care and treatment we offer to food production animals—with a strong focus on bovine medicine—and horses. Moving forward, we continue to serve and build links with our community, by providing medical care to both companion animals—cats and dogs—and large animals—horses and cattle.

We play a vital and necessary role as a Teaching Hospital

As a teaching hospital, we undertake the education of veterinarians who will go on to become leaders in their fields. As such, fulfill an educational role as part of the Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kagoshima University, which successfully gained full accreditation from the European Committee of Veterinary Education (ECOVE) following the site visit and evaluation by the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) in 2019. The accreditation addressed the previous lack of international accreditation in Japanese veterinary education, and means that our graduates achieve a globally recognized level of Day one skills. With such institutional enhancement, we strive to be an educational center that can offer fulfilling learning to our undergraduate students in the field of clinical veterinary medicine while strengthening our contribution to the community, and train global veterinarians of the future. Another purpose of our center is to provide lifelong education and training to clinical veterinarians from the moment they graduate.

At KUVTH, our endeavor is to offer confidence-inspiring veterinary care based on a relationship of trust with our clients, while keeping abreast with advances in medical technology. We thank all our clients and local veterinarians for their support and encouragement up to now, and pledge to earn your continued support in the future.

April, 2020


Distinctive Features

  1. We provide exceptional veterinary medical services as the core hospital for our region.
  2. We provide veterinary education as a teaching hospital (in accordance with national and international standards) for the undergraduates enrolled at our faculty and for qualified veterinarians as part of their professional education.
  3. We conduct clinical trials and develop new therapies, targeting specific diseases.


History of KUVTH

Aug. 1941 Livestock Medical Center of the Department of Veterinary Science at the Kagoshima College of Agriculture and Forestry established
Apr. 1949 Medical Center reorganized as the University Livestock Teaching Hospital under the aegis of the Faculty of Agriculture of the newly established Kagoshima University (National School Establishment Act; Act No.150, 1949)
Apr. 2005 Renamed as Kagoshima University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, affiliated with the Faculty of Agriculture
Apr. 2007 New Department of Medical Services established
Apr. 2008 Artificial insemination station for livestock established
Apr. 2009 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) introduced
Apr. 2012 Kagoshima University Veterinary Teaching Hospital became part of the newly established Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, separated from the Faculty of Agriculture
Apr. 2017 New Veterinary Teaching Hospital opened